“Reaching For The Stars” now available at audiojungle.net

Reaching For The Stars

“Reaching For The Stars” is a short but uplifting popsong with an orchestral sound. It has a very positive and inspiring atmosphere. It starts with a gentle piano and builds up to its highest point and finally ends with the piano again.

Bowed Guitar Samplepack

I have played my guitar with a violin bow. The sounds I created were very interesting so I processed them with some effects. And this is what I came up with:

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2012/11/12 – ***Update***

This samplepack is now completely free to use in what ever you like to use it for.
The only restriction is that you are NOT allowed to resell the samplepack as it is. You can use it in your film, radiospot, advertisment, music or whatever, even it is a commercial project. But you are NOT allowed to resell the samples!

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“Snow Walk” available for purchase on audiojungle.net

Snow Walk

“Snow Walk” is a nice, charming and gentle background song for your media project. It has a very warm mood and is yet inspiring. It starts with an acoustic guitar part and slowly builds up to its highest point with strings, bells and horns.

“Step by Step” – Available at Audiojungle.net

Step by Step

“Step by Step” is an uplifting and energetic track for your media production! It slowly builds up and new instruments are added “Step by Step” like aiming a goal and reaching it by taking all the steps that lead to it.

“Simple Things” now available on Audiojungle.net

Simple Things

“Simple Things” is an uplifting and energetic power pop song. It has a calm but inspiring intro and slowly builds up until its energetic chorus.

“Ideas” available at Audiojungle


“Ideas” is an uplifting and motivational track for media. It will fit anything like advertisment, short movies or radiospots. The song starts with a groovy drum part and a smooth guitar and builds up when the piano and strings are added.

New track on Audiojungle/Soundcloud

Have A Nice Day

“Have A Nice Day” is a 1:20 long uplifting and inspiring track for your media project. It adds a nice temper and “feeling good” atmosphere to your video, radio spot, advertisment or presentation.